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The Labyrinth

You Gotta Get In -To Get Out

11 October 1959
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I am a native Californian living among the redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
I mostly use my journal for very personal growth work.
I am a sensitive, and an introvert mostly, so I trapse around in the inner world alot.
I work as a graphic designer and have been for some 15 yrs. now. I am most identified as pagan,
but am in a questioning mode right now in my spirituality. Further I am just coming out of a
mid-life transition AKA Beyond Bitch.
I've struggled with addictions, have been in a growth process for nearly 20 years.
I don't meticulously spell check.
My posts vary from personal dramas to music to film and dreamwork when I can find the time.

I welcome new friends, I am open to comments, feedback and others' perceptions.
What I don't like or need is advice, or anyone with an agenda.
I can honor people when they speak from their own experience or ask me questions,
but please don't be attached to what my answer will be. :-)
Debate me in a community -not here.
That said---come on in....!