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Writer's Block: Over the top

Who would you consider the most overrated musician, and why?

Michael Jackson tied with Madonna..can't even really call them musicians.
Which song by The Beatles is your favorite, and why?

So hard to pick one: but "I Feel Fine"...really does it for me...The little bit of feedback at the beginning, that famous guitar hook, the whoeverthat is (chuck Berry?)-ish riff in the bridge, (Help me Information, Give Me Memphis Tennessee).

the raspy John that we all love and the great harmonies..A Quintessential Beatles song..And I do..Feel fine, that is..


I am so stupid to have trusted meetup and their whole thing. I didn't realize I needed to cancel my subscritpion, so they billed me for another month automatically. I have written them emails since last week asking for my page to be shut down and just get form replys. "We are busy".
Yeah, busy counting the money.

I was stunned that there is no phone number for these people. No customer service --nothing. I guess they are thinking they are going to be the next f, t or google..they'll just be m.
There was some reason I thought they were "different" than say bluemountain greeting cards, who will bill you until you call them and even after that. An email just won't suffice. They make it hard to cancel. I think meetup is a great idea, but don't fuck with people, ya know.
Why did I trust them, why did I think that they would have a phone number?

I'm just saying be careful if you give them your credit card number. There is no person to call. they have lots of pictures of their employees, but no links to talk to them. Maybe I should create a meetup called screw meetup! Then we can all blog about how shitty they are.

Tell your friends. they're shit. They don't have a phone number And they don't answer emails.

Writer's Block: Prone to puns

How would you describe your sense of humor in six words or less?

Dry...Bizarre, sarcastic, think: Dorothy Parker.
The eighties were known as the Me decade. The nineties have been called the Electronic age. So far, what would you label this decade?

The Decade of Insecurity.
The Dude where's my freedoms, where's my money, where's my country, where's my planet, where's the next war breaking out and where's Osama? Decade...
Oh and where's my iphone?


All is well. Work is slow and my boss still on vacation. Took a half a day yesterday so I could nap and do some housework before Jeff came over. We celebrated his birthday, which is sunday, but sis and I are taking Mom out for HER birthday that day so....
jeff was really late due to traffic, but Phyllis and Joe were here waiting to give a gift to jeff. Was too hot to make cupcakes, but cooked some yummy hamburgers. Watched a bit of Get Smart the Movie and then went for a nighttime ride in the Cobra. Jeff got very giggly and silly (drinking Monster) and proceeded to play with a piece of ribbon. There is a little kid inside of him really needing expression..The maternal part of me really loves tapping into it..as well as the child-like part..
There is still a question about Jeff not having custody of his children which I am wondering about. My therapist pointed out that having the children taken from their biological dad is a big deal and putting them in a home...There has to be some big reason why. Jeff told me because he had a head injury, they claimed he could not empathize with the children and thus not be a good parent to them, but I sense something else happened that he is not telling me about. I mean he did have them and then he didn't so..I am trying to find a gentle way of asking him more about that. He told me he saw an ombudsman yesterday that is questioning the social worker. Apparently that person was remiss in this scenario-the entire story I do not know.
Brian sent me a gracious email, claiming not to be angry with me after I questioned him on it.
I am having a menstrual period for the first time in about 4 months. I need to bleed at least every three months according to Dr. I have been neglecting to take my progesterone, but finally did knowing I was late in doing so. A little moody around it. Need to get some chores done today and call Jim and Brian.

Writer's Block: Set the Scene

um dark alleys... and haunted houses....

Amadeus-Directors Cut.

I watched this in it's entirety, including the special features and reviewed it briefly for a movie blog I'm on.

I have seen this film a least a few times and even the stage play in 1990, (written by Peter Shaffer) and it has always been a favorite.

This film narrated by the character Salieri about his fight with God over genius/ child Mozart is a true tragedy and the stuff that great drama is made of. One man's weakness (however his good intentions) becomes his downfall. F. Murray Abraham's performance of Salieri both disgusts and solicits compassion as the "patron saint of mediocrity".
His envy for Mozart and his belief that somehow god had mocked him was his ultimate undoing, landing him in a mental hospital to live out his days for what he claims as the death of Mozart.

Although this story is a tragedy by definition it has some of the most laugh out loud hilarious scenes near the beginning of the film as we get to see just how vulgar, childlike and endearing as Tom Hulce's young genius appears to us. As is the clueless Emperor played by Jeffrey Jones and his royal posse, namely the stodgy Director who when asked to give his musical feedback, confoundedly blurts "Too many notes." (which reportedly was actually said about Mozart's opera).
It all alludes to the complexity of Mozart's music, ahead of it's time and not quite appreciated by anyone except the insecure Salieri.

I remember when this film swept the Academy Awards and won just about every award possible EXCEPT for the music category, simply because as the recipient imparted something to the effect of "it's a good thing Mozart isn't alive today" (else he wouldn't have won for musical score.) Winning ugly.

What completes Mozart'---balanced by the unruly child is the complex, glorious music. As we look at the big picture and his contribution to music we are able to give the petulant child with the inappropriate laugh much more slack than does his secret nemesis.The religious overtones add texture to the story of Salieri feeling as if he is "staring through the cage of those meticulous ink strokes."
I was impressed to read that natural light was used extensively in the film, which gives such a beautiful feeling to the looks of many of the scenes, for example in Mozart's house.
The set designs are phenomenal giving super fantastic looks to the operas. Having only seen one Mozart opera in my life (The Magic Flute) I only wish that live animals and huge budget were employed to give it these full effects.
Costuming-what can I say, simply for the wig fest that it is ala Rod Stewart, it is the standard for all powdered wig movies from here on out (including Elton John shows.)
Tandy Beal; choreography, Neville Marriner..the list goes on...the best of the best creates a feast for the senses.
For a story based simply on rumor (and there is no documented proof that Salieri and Mozart had this relationship) it stands as a fine piece of movie making and it has reintroduced us to a great composer.
I have written this previous to viewing the special features. If you love this movie as much as I, you owe it to yourself to check out the behind the scenes interviews.

Warlock hmpf

Yesterday (and all week really) I was having heavy duty anxiety and today I'm fine..I have cut my estrogen patch in half so that could be why. And last night I put on a fresh one, so...
Work has been frickn busy with an recycled art display and frickn VP giving me stuff to do. I have had to wing it on info and graphics. I wrote a press release and she basically rewrote it. I think WTF? why didn't she just write it herself.?

Went to see dysfunctional jeweler to pick up two rings that were being repaired. I am now wearing my poison pill pentacle ring again and finally an antique onyx ring with diamond. Lets just say I am not going back to dysfunctional jeweler again. He is a jabber-jaws. He asked me about my pentacle and asked if I was a witch. Well those who know, don't talk, and those who don't know, talk too much.
He said " I am a bit of a warlock." funny, witches don't call themselves warlocks, even if they are male. Warlock is an old term meaning "having been outed or 86ed from a coven or a group." Frickin muggle.
Speaking of witchcraft..I listened to a live ritual that was recorded back in the 70's. It was when z budapest and Starhawk held a public ritual to catch the Trailside Killer (David Carpenter)...He was caught shortly thereafter. The question came up in another community about banishing someone who was a child molester and a drug dealer. I though "hey, I wouldn't banish him, because then he would go somewhere else and do the same stuff. I'd make sure he'd get caught so he'd stop doing what he was doing." I didn't post about it but I found the link and learned. I have been to rituals led by both starhawk and Z and they were fantastic.

Didn't go to the gym all week until tonight. Broke a sweat and did yoga.

Yes, I have been thinking about Brian, but haven't contacted him. Looked up prices to Charlotte, NC and Asheville today.